Friday, February 3, 2017

Free Map Friday - The Deserted Desert of the Damned

     Maybe you shouldn't have made that left turn in Albuquerque, perhaps you shouldn't have insulted that nicely dressed man in the casino, or perhaps that old silver mine was only a legend after all. However you found yourself in this godforsaken place, you never thought you would be asking yourself, "If a voice cries out in the wilderness and it goes unheard does it make a sound?"

...and what's up with those kids on BMX bikes?

I'd like to invite everyone to add to the narrative and send me your adventure ideas for this and all past and future maps. Let me know how you use it!

All Patreon supporters this month get the hi-res files of all maps including printable modular hex tiles featuring the Hexomorfo system and bonus content. Patrons at the $2.50+ level also receive versions with grids.

Add "Take the M Train" to your encounter!

         A subway station map inspired by Jack Kirby's post-post-apocalyptic comic book, Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, the Morlock stories from The Uncanny X-Men series from the 80's, a little TMNT adventure I've been toying with for my kids, some Thundaar the Barbarian, Dave Joria's Masters of Umdaar, a bit of the Ghostbusters 2 movie, Matt Jackson's subway map from way back in January, Just Insert Imagination's Mutants & Tassels, and a CoC style horror scenario I've been mulling over.

Let me know how you use it!

Heart of Darkness is currently available digitally as a White Star compatible adventure and as a Savage Worlds licensed adventure.