Friday, October 30, 2015

Free Map Friday - Cellar of the Art Thief

This week's map could be the cellar to the Cabin of the Dead from last week. The inspiration comes from quite a different place though. While it doesn't match the original completely, if you look close enough, you can see the original emerge. This may be a bit harder for the younger crowd, but see if you can figure it out.

You can download this week's Free Map here.

We have met a new milestone this month and as a big thank you to all fine folks for supporting my work, I will be taking requests from all of my patrons.

Also this month, Patreon supporters will be receiving high resolution copies of all the Free Map Friday maps as well as expanded versions of The Book Store and The HMS Surprise!

Especially for Halloween, previously a Patreon exclusive: The House at the End of the Street
the perfect modular map kit for your zombie apocalypse, modern horror, modern detective, or modern fantasy game. It contains two versions of every room - furnished and unfurnished. It is designed to be modular and can be configured in multiple combinations. Included are wall textures for building 2.5D tiles and doors and widows that can be used as stand-ups or clip-ons (pictured below). Files for VTT use are also included.

House at the End of The Street

Modular City Kit
Dungeon Tiles Kit 2

Friday, October 23, 2015

Free Map Friday - Cabin of the Dead

Its that time of year again. You've loaded up the car with Cheetos and Mountain Dew and you're headed off to the middle of nowhere for a Halloween weekend of rolling dice and Monty Python quotes.  This year the GM has reserved the perfect place - a spooky secluded cabin in the woods. What could go wrong?

This week I'm getting into the Halloween spirit with my take on a classic horror film location.  While this cabin takes its cues from a certain "Evil" film, secluded cabins are to horror like taverns are to fantasy - a perfect, if not typical starting point for adventure.  A coed weekend in the woods?  A sleep-away camp on the lake?  The home of that crazy old hermit in the Appalachian mountains? How will you use the Cabin of the Dead?  Drop me a line or tag me in a post to let me know. 

You can download this week's Free Map here.

This month Patreon supporters will be receiving high resolution copies of all the Free Map Friday maps as well as expanded versions of The Book Store and The HMS Surprise!

Modular City Kit
Dungeon Tiles Kit 2

Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Map Friday - H.M.S. Surprise

You joined the crew of the HMS Surprise as she set sail to India to help save a whole East India  Convoy from a French Squadron. But after the battle, instead of heading back to port, you find yourself on a new course. Rumors travel about the ship as quickly as the rats that move almost invisibly throughout the shadows, but one rumor is more common than the rest—The Captain has plotted a course in search of the mythical Soul Cages, but you are not alone on the open sea...

Another first for me in crafting a tall ship. For this one I drew directly from plans and pictures of the actual HMS Surprise and models. It was a delicate balancing act between detail and playability. 

Let me know how you use this map and tag me in a post on social media with a pic or send me the link. At the end of the month I'll pick a random winner who will get the full High Resolution Kit (Patreon supporters will get 2-3 full decks in high resolution designed for VTT play or 2.5D Print & Play.)

You can download the HMS Surprise Free Map here.

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Valley of The Kings
Modular City Kit
Dungeon Tiles Kit 2

Friday, October 9, 2015

Free Map Friday - The Book Store

Its been a rough two weeks for me health wise, nothing too serious, but as I rebound I wanted to get a new map out for Free Map Friday so for this Free Map Friday, I present "The Book Store".
What better place to find paranormal and occult tomes than in a small dimly lit used book store. Be careful though you may find more than you bargained for. While this map is begging to be used for a halloween themed supernatural encounter, the hi-res modular kit for patrons at the end of the month will also have post-apocalytpic and paranormal/sci-fi options. 

For me it will become the centerpiece of a home campaign. Recently I bought a copy of The Strange and I've been itching to start a campaign where books act as portals to new worlds and like the old D&D cartoon, The Narnia Chronicles, or Jumanji, everyday people get pulled into an alternate universe of sorts. The Recursors on earth are just normal people; maybe they are kids drawn into a fantasy world one week, a sci-fi adventure the next, or perhaps they are agents of some local mundane law enforcement agency who go through a portal - maybe its a book in a "special library" in which all the books are actually portals to other recursions, or they are bystanders drawn into an x-files type mystery where at first its a normal investigation, missing persons, murder, theft, etc., but very quickly it gets weird.

You can download it here.