Monday, September 15, 2014

Of Map Tiles, Illness, and The Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation

Recently I started a Patreon to help support me creating modular tile sets that can be printed and assembled in just about any configuration to match the encounter being played. Patreon will also help me to help those who cannot afford to pay for some of the work I do. This has mostly been a labor of love and a way to give back to the hobby I love so much; I enjoy creating art and cartography and you can see my work in many different RPG publications and adventures, some paid and some just for the satisfaction of people telling me how much they like the work I do. 

The Inkling Prepping for our DCC
game while in the hospital

While setting up the Patreon site, my son became ill with an infection and had to spend a few days in the hospital—he has since made a full recovery. One of my goals when I started this project was to give back, so I decided then that I would give a percentage of all proceeds from the Patreon to The Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation. Phoenix Children's hospital has a "Game Zone" and I hope to eventually run a regular game at the hospital for the kids as a way of helping them escape and forget about their troubles for a time.

Dungeon Tile Set 1

Whether you use tiles, maps or terrain in your tabletop game or VTT, or not, please consider supporting my Patreon as a way of giving back to the RPG Community and giving hope to children and families during a time when it could often seem all hope is lost.

Samples of current and future map tiles printed and mounted on cardboard: