Monday, March 21, 2016

Savage Dungeons: BECMI, Ranks, and a look ahead at the Magic User

  In our recent discussions here at The Middle-kingdoms HQ, we've talked about how Savage Dungeons should be modular in its approach adding new parts as characters (and GMs) go up in Ranks— Basic would use only the simplest core rules, Expert will add more moving parts, Companion/Master being the  version using all of the core Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, and Immortals using the complete Savage Worlds Deluxe rules plus some additional setting rules for epic play. It's still unclear how far we'll take this concept, but we'll have a better idea as we play through each. 

The current proposed breakdowns are:
·       Basic Setting Rules - Novice to Seasoned Ranks
·       Expert Setting Rules - Seasoned to Veteran
·       Master Setting Rules - Veteran to Heroic
·       Legends Setting Rules - Heroic to Legendary Ranks
·       Immortals/Epic?

We’re working on the Basic Setting Rules for character generation and we have been able to playtest the Quickdraw Wildcard creation using only Wildcard attributes predetermined by archetype and an edge. The edge is either chosen from a list of character backgrounds or can be rolled for as a random table. Hindrances and additional edges can be introduced after the first or second game session in a similar playbook fashion or perhaps written into the adventure. As I said in the first post, Quickdraw Wildcards were originally conceived as a way to quickly introduce Savage Worlds to my family play group who were mostly familiar with Labyrinth Lord and had never played Savage Worlds, so far they are working out great. We’ve been play-testing the Fighter Archetype and will start work on the Magic User Archetype next. Since trappings seem to be a hard notion for my old school style gamers to grasp, we’ll be rewriting the spell descriptions using the spells from the OGL and then applying the appropriate Savage World powers. 

We’ll start with the first and second level Magic User Spells for the Basic Rules.

First Level Magic-User Spells
Charm Person
Detect Magic
Floating Disc
Hold Portal
Magic Missile
Magic Mouth
Protection from Evil
Read Languages
Second Level Magic-User Spells
Continual Light
Detect Evil
Detect Invisible
Locate Object
Mirror Image
Phantasmal Force
Wizard Lock

I found with the Savage Worlds Basic Character Record Sheet that if I keep things familiar enough the transition from Labyrinth Lord to Savage Worlds is easy and fun. I look forward to posting some of the spells as and the Magic User Quickdraw Wildcard as it progresses.