Monday, May 11, 2015

Sci-fi month continues with no end in sight!

Work in Progress: Boarding craft for May Patreon
After a long weekend of many surprises, during which nothing went as planned, Monday is here and that means back to work. With so many exciting sci-fi projects in the works for this month from lending some photoshop help and giving away a hand bound REUP Rulebook to the Star Wars D6 community, to my Patreon patron requests for  +David Scott's Savage Worlds game and the layout for +Mark Hunt's White Star version of Drongo, I am inspired to complete Part 1 of my own pulp sci-fi series, Weird World Adventures.
Drongo: Planet in Peril for White Star
While I didn't have access to my laptop this weekend I did manage to do some work on the cover art. Weird World Adventures will be published as both Savage Worlds and White Star compatible versions and perhaps a DCC version as well. For those of you who have not met Dr. Mutans, here's another introduction and notes on the Axis beast-men known as the Glaber.

Dr. Mutans:
Dr. Mutans prepares his next patient.
Conducting bizarre experiments on on his "patients" Dr. Mutans searches for the answer to the riddle of creation itself. If he can learn how vampire bugs infect people and transform them into insects, then he believes he can control it and create a new race of super soldiers for his queen. He is determined that the answer to this mystery and more is hidden in the secrets of the Nightmare Mists of the Beyond and the lost civilizations of the Skrá Y'ar.

Glaber are large hairless burrowing creatures. Glaber are highly intelligent with a social structure that is similar to that found in ants, termites, and some bees and wasps. Only one female (the queen) reproduces, while the rest of the members of the colony function as workers. Although Glaber have eyes, they don't use them to see. Instead, they use heightened senses and a sort of RADAR to sense their surroundings allowing them see in complete darkness, even magical darkness, which also allows them to see invisible objects and creatures. Contrary to their size, Glaber have the uncanny ability to move in complete silence, surprising even alert creatures (50% of the time in lighted situations and 90% of the time in complete darkness.) Glaber have the ability to speak telepathically and chooses to do so exclusively. They can use this telepathic ability to "shout" into an opponent's mind causing psychic damage.