Monday, May 4, 2015

Work in Progress: Dr. Mutans

Conducting bizarre experiments on on his "patients," Dr. Mutans searches for the answer to the riddle of creation itself. If he can learn how vampire bugs infect people and transform them into insects, then he believes he can control it and create a new race of super soldiers. He is determined that the  answer to this mystery and more is hidden in the secrets of the lost civilizations of the Skrá Y'ar.

Dr. Mutans is a Large Mole Rat looking Beast-man of the Axis Empire. Although he has eyes, he doesn't use them to see. Mutans uses heightened senses and a sort of RADAR to sense his surroundings allowing him "see" in complete darkness—even magical darkness which also allows him to see invisible objects and creatures.  Contrary to his size, Dr. Mutans has the uncanny ability to move in complete silence, surprising even the alert (50% of the time in lighted situations and 90% of the time in complete darkness.)  Dr. Mutans has the ability to speak telepathically and chooses to do so exclusively. He can use this telepathic ability to "shout" into an opponent's mind causing psychic damage.