Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Map Friday - Duplex House, First Floor

Its been a couple of weeks since I was able to get a map out on Friday, but the wait is over.

Recently I've been inspired by +Joshua De Santo at Genius Loci games and his Swords & Wizardry Modern Supplement, Eldritch Shadows, and in the hopes of getting a modern horror, supernatural, supers game going at home with the family I've been working on some more modern styled maps and tile sets. A small duplex house certainly doesn't leave much open space for combat, but it certainly can lead to some interesting tactics.

What might be lurking in the basement or upper levels of this house? Stay tuned to find out. I'll be updating this set throughout the month and as usual Patreon patrons always get the hi-res files and PDFs first.

You can get the standard resolution image here.