Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tales of the Lazy Dragon - The Lazy Dragon Tavern

The Lazy Dragon Tavern is the last stop on the edge of the Dragon's Spine Mountains in a place known as No-Man's Land. Many have come to seek their fortune in No-Man's Land. It is rumored that the largest deposit of Estrella Stone, the source of all magic in Egeszfold, lies in these mountains and the rush is on!

The Lazy Dragon was here long before Ambrose took ownership; in fact it is rumored that The Lazy Dragon was here when Egysten himself walked in his creation and while the Dému still tended the garden.

Beneath its rustic exterior, beneath the everyday dust and dirt, The Lazy Dragon is a magical place; a place of legend sung about in song. So many adventurers have passed though these doors seeking fortune and glory that it is said that the tables and chairs themselves can tell tales of treasure, power, kings, and glory lost to an age long past. Further beneath it is rumored that the tavern sits on top of the largest vein of Estrella Stone the world has ever known. All of those are just stories told by drunk dwarves and bards looking for their next meal, right?

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