Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tales of the Lazy Dragon - Ambrose

 Ambrose is the current proprietor of The Lazy dragon Tavern. Ambrose is an older man with a beaming smile and an infectious laugh. His warm kind eyes tell of knowledge and wisdom well beyond his station.

Although Ambrose is unusually wise, he does not flaunt it. He is humble beyond measure and gracious to a fault. He is often heard singing softly to himself in an unfamiliar tongue, but if questioned about it will behave as if he has no idea what is being talked about.

Behind those endearing eyes hides a secret— Ambrose‘s real name is Ambricus and he is a former monk of Star Stone Abbey. He is believed to be dead and has assumed a new identity to protect himself. years ago the Empire mysteriously destroyed Star Stone Abbey. The monks there were either murdered or "re-educated." Ambricus however managed to escape.

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