Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Map Modern Monday - Death Ray Dungeon


Someone is always going missing. 

We don't pay much attention to it though until that someone is one of our own. You don't know what happened, one day they were there and gone the next. You've been able to pick up trail though, a very strange trail, you've been tracking bits and pieces of large strands of raw silk. The trail has lead you here under the city and into the sewers.

While this map is intended as a modern map, its roots lie in a fantasy map created by the Inkling, my 8 year-old son. This map could almost be used for any genre or setting whether it be modern Cthulhu horror , Super heroes such as Adolescent Kung Fu Reptile Freaks, World War X, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or more.
Original Notes for
Death Ray Dungeon
This week's map was inspired by, my 8 year-old son's latest adventure, Death Ray Dungeon. I'm not sure where the Death Ray is, but I'm sure my unsuspecting PCs will find out the hard way.

He's been writing adventures for about a year. His first published adventure, Inkling Adventures #1: Raiders of the Forgotten Treasure, was a traditional dungeon encounter with some interesting complications.

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A behind the scenes look at 
the making of Raiders of the Forgotten Treasure.

Heart of Darkness is a Science Fiction Gothic Horror Love Story, the story of the maiden voyage of the Mara Irons. After setting sail, the Mara Irons became the victim of an unexpected solar event. Blown off course and out of control, the luxury cruise ship was thrown into the uncharted regions of the Great Barrier Asteroid Field where it was tossed about and battered. Severely damaged and lost, the spacecraft finally came to rest in a sea of mangled metal, lost hope, and broken dreams and in the darkness, something evil wakes.

Heart of Darkness is currently available digitally as a White Star compatible adventure and as a Savage Worlds licensed adventure.