Saturday, January 9, 2016

Savage Dungeons: An Idea

What started as a way for me to get my Basic/Expert D&D playing family into Savage Worlds as well as help me learn how to be a Savage Worlds GM, has evolved into something more. In order to entice my family into playing Savage Worlds I created a Savage Worlds Basic Character Record Sheet. I wanted to give them something that looks familiar and it worked.

My Basic Savage Worlds Character record Sheet
In order to help the learning curve, because my family of players ranges from 8-20, I also trimmed the character creation process and some of the rules down a bit. Classes became archetypes and Edges and Hindrances became racial traits and in some cases just cool stuff your character can do. At first there wasn't much choice in customization other than choosing fighting over shooting or magic user over fighter, but for new players learning the rules that was just fine. 

B2: The Keep on the Savagelands?

The more we played this basic version of Savage Worlds the more we realized we wanted to play this version. Most of our adventures so far have been short random dungeon crawls, but now we're ready for something with a bit more meat on the bones. So I began looking at my old Basic D&D adventures to convert. (B2: The Keep on the Savagelands?)

After posting a fun photoshop mock up of what a B/X D&D/Savage Worlds mashup rule book cover might look like it became apparent that we were not the only players wanting more of this old game reimagined. I'm not necessarily saying a word-for-word conversion, but Savage Worlds with the trappings of Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons, after all if we wanted to play Basic D&D then that is what we would play. My initial goal is to create something that is as close to the core rules as written and maintain the flavor of Basic D&D. 

Stay tuned!