Saturday, November 21, 2015

Science-Fiction Saturday: Battleship 7681, Part 1 - The Bridge

This week by request of my patrons to create a space craft on the scale of the Galactica. Since a craft of that size would be daunting to create as a single map and probably crash my CPU in the process, I have decided to put it together in a series. The Bridge is part 1 of a series of maps I will be releasing once a month (give or take) on Saturdays; henceforth to be known as Sci-Fi Saturday.

Thanks to all my patrons who make these free maps possible, as usual they will receive the Hi-Res version at the end of the month.

You can download this week's Free Map here.

Adventure Tiles: Mines and Tunnels
Previously a Patreon exclusive: Adventure Tiles: Mines and Tunnels
the perfect modular map kit for delving deep and hiding treasure, pulp adventures, and any other genre or settng that requires mines or hand dug tunnels.  It is designed to be modular and can be configured in multiple combinations. Files for VTT use are also included.

Create a mine overrun by goblins, a secret escape from a Nazi POW camp, or a maze of tunnels leading to a secret hideout used by insane cultists.

Modular City Kit