Friday, November 6, 2015

Free Map Friday - Mine 40

This week I felt challenged to join in a contest that Inkwell Ideas was running after a post +Tim Shorts made and since I was already working on the Sci-fi theme my patrons suggested, a remote outpost was the perfect scene for this week's map. 

This week's Free Map Friday is a weird Science Fantasy location with so many possibilities—Has the area been infected by some mutant virus that attaches itself to buildings? Has some creature made a nest on some remote outpost? Some mad science experiment gone wrong? Or a biological research center?

I hope you enjoy this week's map. Let me know how it works in your adventures—drop me a line or tag me in a post.

You can get this Free Map here at my Patreon site.

While you're there consider supporting the project. Patrons receive high resolution maps, modular kits, and VTT versions of the maps every month.

Thanks to my sponsors, +Gustavo Campanelli+Mike Heitzig, and +David Tannen, for the Sci-fi request this month. (I hope those are the G+ handles of my sponsors with the same names)

Many of you may know that a percentage of my Patreon goes to The Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation. I believe in giving back and helping those in need. I am happy to say that because of the generosity of my patrons I was able to donate $50 last month. I would like to thank all of my sponsors for giving me the ability to help children and families in need.

Previously a Patreon exclusive: The House at the End of the Street—the perfect modular map kit for your zombie apocalypse, modern horror, modern detective, or modern fantasy game. It contains two versions of every room - furnished and unfurnished. It is designed to be modular and can be configured in multiple combinations. Included are wall textures for building 2.5D tiles and doors and widows that can be used as stand-ups or clip-ons (pictured below). Files for VTT use are also included.

House at the End of The Street

Modular City Kit
Dungeon Tiles Kit 2