Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Map Friday - H.M.S. Surprise

You joined the crew of the HMS Surprise as she set sail to India to help save a whole East India  Convoy from a French Squadron. But after the battle, instead of heading back to port, you find yourself on a new course. Rumors travel about the ship as quickly as the rats that move almost invisibly throughout the shadows, but one rumor is more common than the rest—The Captain has plotted a course in search of the mythical Soul Cages, but you are not alone on the open sea...

Another first for me in crafting a tall ship. For this one I drew directly from plans and pictures of the actual HMS Surprise and models. It was a delicate balancing act between detail and playability. 

Let me know how you use this map and tag me in a post on social media with a pic or send me the link. At the end of the month I'll pick a random winner who will get the full High Resolution Kit (Patreon supporters will get 2-3 full decks in high resolution designed for VTT play or 2.5D Print & Play.)

You can download the HMS Surprise Free Map here.

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