Friday, October 9, 2015

Free Map Friday - The Book Store

Its been a rough two weeks for me health wise, nothing too serious, but as I rebound I wanted to get a new map out for Free Map Friday so for this Free Map Friday, I present "The Book Store".
What better place to find paranormal and occult tomes than in a small dimly lit used book store. Be careful though you may find more than you bargained for. While this map is begging to be used for a halloween themed supernatural encounter, the hi-res modular kit for patrons at the end of the month will also have post-apocalytpic and paranormal/sci-fi options. 

For me it will become the centerpiece of a home campaign. Recently I bought a copy of The Strange and I've been itching to start a campaign where books act as portals to new worlds and like the old D&D cartoon, The Narnia Chronicles, or Jumanji, everyday people get pulled into an alternate universe of sorts. The Recursors on earth are just normal people; maybe they are kids drawn into a fantasy world one week, a sci-fi adventure the next, or perhaps they are agents of some local mundane law enforcement agency who go through a portal - maybe its a book in a "special library" in which all the books are actually portals to other recursions, or they are bystanders drawn into an x-files type mystery where at first its a normal investigation, missing persons, murder, theft, etc., but very quickly it gets weird.

You can download it here.