Friday, November 25, 2016

Free Map Friday - The Singing Stones

    Long ago the Druids harnessed the power of the singing stones, channeling the energy of the land through them. Today that is all but a legend, fairy stories told to children at bedtime. But what if the stories were true? Recently sheep herders have been speaking in hushed rumors about strange music in the wind and shadows that move independently of the position of the sun...

This week I started a new regular feature for Patreon supporters, the "Living Terrain" series. Iv'e been expeimenting with modular 2.5D Print & Paste outdoor terrain and I think I have my final answer. I'm using a hex based system that can easily be configured and re-configured into just ablout any type of terrain that is required for the encounter. I was inspired to turn some of those tiles into a battlemap.

You can download this week's free map here.
I'd like to invite everyone to add to the narrative and send me your adventure ideas for this and all past and future maps. Let me know how you use it!

All Patreon supporters this month get the hi-res files of all maps as well as bonus content. Patrons at the $2.50+ level additionally get bonus versions with grids.

A bundle of deep space horror for the holidays!

Bundle and save 30% on the Adventure and Battlemaps! 

     Mal Fisher, the Captain of the light freighter Bella LeGosi, claims to know the whereabouts of The Lady of Esparto, an ancient lost ship carrying treasure worth millions, and he is looking to hire a salvage crew. He wants to keep everything off the books as he is operating without the required paperwork. He has chosen not to apply for a salvage license for fear that a treasure as great as the Lady of Esparto will attract too much unwanted attention, increasing the likelihood of claim jumpers, pirates, and crooked authorities looking for an easy buck. He is offering a substantial amount of money and a percentage of the treasure for the completion of the job.

This bundle includes the Savage Worlds adventure and all the apropriately themed modular dungeon tile sets. Also included are grid versions and .jpg files for Virtual Tabletops.

Heart of Darkness is currently available digitally as a White Star compatible adventure and as a Savage Worlds licensed adventure.