Monday, August 29, 2016

Free Map Monday - Take the "M" Train

          This week's subway station map was inspired by Jack Kirby's post-post-apocalyptic comic book, Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, the Morlock stories from The Uncanny X-Men series from the 80's, a little TMNT adventure I've been toying with for my kids, some Thundaar the Barbarian, Dave Joria's Masters of Umdaar, a bit of the Ghostbusters 2 movie, Matt Jackson's subway map from way back in January, Just Insert Imagination's Mutants & Tassels, and a CoC style horror scenario I've been mulling over.

Let me know how you use it!

All Patreon supporters this month get the hi-res files of all theTake the "M" Train maps as well as bonus content. Patrons at the $2.50+ level additionally get bonus versions with grids.

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     On the shores of reality lies a mysterious port of call. Every seven years a gateway opens and the veil of time and space is pulled back. What fantastic adventures will be revealed?

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