Friday, December 25, 2015

Free Map Friday - Beggars Guild

The Beggars Guild was a request this month. +Eric Lamoureux was looking for a beggars guild map for his Beasts & Barbarians game and posted that there were none to be found. I couldn't let that challenge go by, so I picked up to the gauntlet. Hidden inside the city wall the Beggars Guild plenty of twists and turns secret entrances and exits as well as a secret vault. I hope it finds a home in your city.

You can download this week's Free Map hereWhile you're there consider supporting the project. Patrons receive high resolution maps, modular kits, VTT maps, and bonus material.

Enter the Sewer and Cabin of the Dead 2.5D Print and Paste prototypes

This month I've been working on adding some more dimension to the Print & Paste 2.5D kits. I'm converting the Enter the Sewers and Cabin of the Dead Free Maps to a larger 2.5D Print & Paste kit including, stairs, tunnel walls, drain pipes, furniture, front porch posts, windows, clip on doors and a full cabin façade. Patrons will be getting the fully printable kits at the end of the month along with full high resolution kits of this month's Free Maps.

High Seas Map Tiles: The H.M.S. Surprise

Previously a Patreon exclusive - High Seas Map Tiles: The H.M.S. Surprise
Sail the high seas with this modular map kit. Modeled after the modern tall ship replica built in 1970 and used in the making of the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, in which she portrayed the Royal Navy frigate Surprise with a story based on several of the books byPatrick O'Brian.   This kit contains three decks and a separate water layer. Files for VTT use are also included.

Modular City Kit