Friday, August 28, 2015

Free Map Friday - Lair No.1

This week's map is inspired by a Labyrinth Lord campaign I'm running for my family. For me it is a kobold lair, but could just as easily be an underground bandit hide out a secret bunker for Nazi occultists, a stronghold for post-apocalyptic mutants, or something even more bizarre and weird. What ever you come up with I hope you enjoy using this map and let me know how it turns out–tag me in a post or drop me a line. Patreon patrons will get high resolution layered and modular versions at the end of the month.

You can get it here. 
Also for those who don't know already and a reminder for those who do, Instead of my usual donation to Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation this month, I'll be redirecting those funds to help RPG author Jim Ward.

By now many of you have seen this GoFundMe going around the past couple days to help Jim Ward with medical costs.  While I've never met Jim Ward, he has left an indelible mark on my life through his work. I owe him much gratitude for the endless hours I have spent playing his games. I had been trying to decide how I would help and then +Tim Shorts posted that he would be donating a portion of his Patreon to Jim's GoFundMe. Since I already donate 20% of my Patreon support to The Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation, it would be easy to redirect those funds to Jim's immediate need.

Just as Tim did, I encourage the other folks who have a Patreon or have enjoyed Jim's work to pledge.  If you can maybe toss a few bucks in, whatever you can afford.

When I started my Patreon my 8 year-old son was in the hospital with a major infection. I made the decision then that every month a percentage of my Patreon would be earmarked for the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation. It was not a financial hardship for our family, but there are many out there who cannot afford proper care and often even if the medical bills are covered, we often forget about the other external expenses that need to be taken care of by the families. 

If it wasn't for my Patreon supporters I wouldn't be able to do this.  I thank everyone of them for the privilege of allowing me to help out someone whose work I've enjoyed over the years.